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Welcome to Dairy Market Culinary!

At Dairy Market Culinary, we are proud to offer you a wide range of dairy products to help you craft the best foodservice experience.

Whether you are looking for milkettes or butter, cream cheese or creamers, or cheese ranging from our Racolli Pizza Mozzarella to our President Feta – we’ve got you covered!

In a time where the Foodservice industry is changing daily, food safety and health is on everyone’s mind and we are committed to helping you succeed.

Dairy Market Culinary will be your trusted foodservice dairy solution expert!


Lactalis Canada Foodservice

We have been bringing innovation and inspiration to the table for over 120 years. Our mission is to be the premiere dairy solution provider for the Foodservice industry in Canada by offering the broadest range of high-quality products under the strongest and best-selling brands. It’s the unmatched combination of local craftsmanship and global expertise, which we get through our affiliation with the world’s largest dairy group, Groupe Lactalis that allows us to deliver more flavours, formats and innovations.

Proudly Canadian

Though we may be global, we’re proudly Canadian too. We employ over 3,500 Canadians in over 30 operating facilities across the country. At Lactalis Canada, our purpose is to enrich and nurture the lives of Canadians with high quality, nutritious and delicious dairy. We are proud supporters of the Canadian dairy industry, its farmers, and the communities in which we serve.