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Ordering FAQ’s:

Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes. Orders must have a minimum value of $50, before shipping and taxes.

Do I need to be a member to place an order?

No, it is not necessary to be a site Member to place an order. Customers may check-out as a, “Guest”. Members have greater access to the site, via their login and password. In addition to other benefits, Members can view their current and past orders, repeat past orders, etc. Guests do not have a site login and password, and therefore cannot access these features.

Can I make changes to my order, or cancel my order?

After an order is placed, it may be possible to cancel or make changes to an order.

If you wish to cancel or change your order, please submit this request using the, “Product / Order Related”, found on the, “Contact Us” section of the Site. In the “Subject” menu, please select and provide all the required information on the form. Our Customer Care Team will address your request as soon as possible, during the normal business hours of 8am EST to 5pm EST, Monday through Friday.

If a product I ordered is not available, will the item be substituted?

No, we cannot substitute items.

How is my order tracked?

Orders are tracked through the site and notifications are sent to you when your order reaches the following milestones: Order is received; Order has been shipped; Order has been delivered.

When is my credit card charged?

Upon placing your order through the Site, your credit card will be charged.

Do you price match other sellers of the similar or identical products?

No, we do not price match other retailers.

I have an issue or concern about my order. Who do I need to contact?

If you have any comments, questions or concerns about your order, please use the, “Product / Order Related” subject found in the “Contact Us” section of the website and fill-out the information fields, and provide as much detail as possible. Your feedback or concerns will be addressed by our Customer Care team during normal business hours, between 8am EST to 5pm EST, Monday through Friday. Any claim regarding your order must be submitted within 72-hours of order delivery (confirmation).

Returns Returns Policy:

Due to the nature of our products, Lactalis Canada will not accept any returns or exchanges on products ordered through the Site, for any reason.

If your order is not accurately reflected by what was delivered, such as missing or incorrect product(s), or product quality issues, Lactalis Canada, at its sole discretion, may issue a credit or refund to you. Any credit or refund will be issued up to the purchase price of the product(s) delivered or sold in-error. Any credit or refund must be applied to the same credit card used to make the original purchase on the Site.

Any claims must be submitted no later than 72-hours after the order has been delivered.

Please submit your claim using the, “Product / Order Related” subject found on the “Contact Us” section of the Site. Provide as much detail as possible about the issue or concern in the open text box. Our Customer Care team will address your claim as soon as possible, during the normal business hours of 8am EST to 5pm EST, Monday through Friday.