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Cheeseworld.ca Shipping Policy:

Food safety is our paramount concern. We employ policies, services and use materials in our shipping process that are consistent with Canadian food safety regulations.

Please be sure to inspect and refrigerate your order immediately upon delivery. If you discover an issue or error, such as a missing or wrong product delivered, please submit a claim in the, “Contact Us” section of the Site. Please select, “ My Order” in the Subject header to ensure that your inquiry is directed to the correct team. Any claim must be submitted within 72-hours of order delivery.

Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept returns. Should a refund or credit be issued, it must be applied to the same credit card used to make the origina l purchase.

Cheeseworld.ca is not responsible for order issues caused by factors or conditions outside of its control including, but not limited to:

  1. Use of incorrect or inappropriate shipping addresses, including shipments to P.O. boxes.
  2. Shipments to apartments / condominium buildings with no concierge service. Deliveries must be made to a concierge/security or receptionist in the building in-case drivers are not permitted to deliver directly to the customer’s door.
  3. Delayed deliveries due to weather or other, “Acts of God”.
  4. Shipments which remain unopened for durations beyond the limitations of packaging.
  5. Products that have spoiled due to improper and/or untimely storage.
  6. Delivery attempts made to recipients who are unavailable to receive their shipment.
  7. Lost or stolen deliveries.

Please review our order and delivery guide below to help you understand how order and delivery days are normally coordinated. Statutory holidays and other special occasions that impact our business will impact the below schedule.

Shipping FAQ’s:

Where do you currently ship?

Currently, we ship to most postal codes within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and the Montreal Census Metropolitan Area (CMA).

How do I know if you ship to my home or business?

On the site, you will be prompted to enter your postal code. If your postal code lies within our current service area, you will be notified immediately on-screen. Even if your postal code is not currently within our service area, you may still browse our items.

Can you ship orders outside the GTA and CMA?

We are exploring our options to service customers outside these two regions. Once we are confident that we can service a larger geographic area while maintaining our high order and fulfillment standards, we will expand our coverage. We do not ship outside of Canada.

Does cheese require special packaging and shipping methods?

Natural cheese is a perishable product. In your local grocery store, it’s kept in the refrigerated section where the ambient temperature is between +1 to +4C. To ship cheese safely, it must be kept in a refrigerated environment during transit and this requires the use of specialized, insulated cartons and ice packs. It is also critical that perishable items arrive at your door quickly so they can be stored in your refrigerator as soon as possible.

Are the ice packs and insulated carton reusable or recyclable?

Yes, the ice packs and insulated carton are reusable, and the cardboard shell of the shipping carton is recyclable. However, please check with your local municipality regarding the recyclability of these items.

What is the delivery fee?

Your postal code determines the cost of shipping. Within the Greater Toronto Area and Montreal CMA, we charge a flat shipping fee of $15 per order. As we look to expand our coverage into more areas of Ontario, Quebec and other Canadian provinces, the cost of shipping will adjust to reflect the cost to service these areas.

Do you offer free shipping?

At this time, within the GTA and Montreal CMA, we offer, “Free Shipping” for orders of $99 or more.

Delivery FAQ’s:

What happens if I’m not available to receive my package?

For residential at-home delivery, the package could be left at your door if the location is deemed secure by the driver (ie. safe drop). For deliveries to an apartment/condominium building, the order could be given to a concierge/security guard in your building. If the order is being delivered to an office, the Order could be left with the Receptionist.

If unsuccessful, we will make three (3) attempts to deliver the package. We are not responsible for any orders that are lost or stolen.

What is a, “Safe Drop”?

A, “Safe Drop” occurs when a package is delivered unattended, when the driver has deemed the delivery “safe”. It is used when the package is not visible to pedestrians or cars, not vulnerable to weather damage, and does not obstruct entrances, exits, walk ways or poses a safety hazard. All drivers are trained on safe drop procedures and protocols.

What days of the week do you deliver?

We deliver orders Tuesdays through Thursdays. Due to food safety concerns, we do not schedule deliveries on Mondays as this would require packages to remain in the supply chain over the weekend. We do not schedule deliveries on Fridays, as there is a risk that an undelivered package may remain in a logistics facility over a weekend.

How is my order tracked during the delivery phase?

When your order leaves our warehouse, you will receive a shipment notification. When your package is out for delivery, the Driver may send you a text messages about your delivery, if a mobile phone number was included in your order details. Once the delivery has been made, you will receive our final notification to you that the delivery is complete.

Can I choose a specific date and/or time for delivery?

No, this option is not available at the moment.

Can I pick-up my order?

No, this option is not available at the moment.

2021 Cheeseworld.ca Delivery Schedule

Delivery DayOrder window (all times Eastern Standard Time)
Tuesday For orders placed after 3pm on Thursday up to 3pm on Monday.
Wednesday For orders placed after 3pm on Monday up to 3pm on Tuesday.
Thursday For orders placed after 3pm on Tuesday up to 3pm on Wednesday.
Friday For orders placed after 3pm on Wednesday up to 3pm on Thursday.

Statutory Holidays will impact the normal order and delivery schedule above. For 2021, the following Statutory holidays will impact the normal schedule as follows:

Holiday 2021Changes to normal schedule
Good Friday Friday, April 2nd Orders placed after 3pm EST on Wednesday March 31st up to 3pm EST on Monday April 4th will be delivered on Tuesday, April 5th.
Easter Monday, April 4th No changes to the normal order & delivery schedule.
Victoria Day Monday, May 24th Orders placed after 3pm EST on Thursday May 20th up to 3pm EST on Tuesday May 25th will be delivered on Wednesday May 26th.
Fetes Nationale (Que) Thursday, June 24th Ontario: Orders placed between 3pm EST on Wednesday June 23rd up to 3pm EST on Monday June 28th will be delivered on Tuesday, June 29th. Quebec: No deliveries will be made on Thursday June 24th. Orders placed between 3pm EST on Wednesday June 23rd up to 3pm EST on Monday June 28th will be delivered on Tuesday, June 29th.
Canada Day Thursday, July 1st No deliveries will be made on Thursday, July 1st. Orders placed between 3pm EST on Tuesday June 29th up to 3pm Monday July 5th will be delivered on Tuesday, July 6th.
Civic Holiday Monday, August 3rd No changes.
Labour Day Monday, Sept. 7th Orders placed between 3pm EST on Thursday September 2nd up to 3pm EST on Tuesday September 8th will be delivered on Wednesday, September 9th.
Thanksgiving Monday, October 12th Orders placed between 3pm EST on Thursday October 8th up to 3pm EST on Tuesday October 13th will be delivered on Wednesday, October 14th.
Christmas Saturday, December 25th TBC
Boxing Day Sunday, December 26th TBC
New Year’s Saturday, January 1st, 2022 TBC